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Mesh Mash has a unique advantage

through its network of artists and

designers. It will create unique artworks

for the printed products that respond to

social, environmental or political themes.

This will enable a product range that is

responsive and current and

positions Mesh Mash products in a niche

market for the fashion conscious, the art

lover, the activists . Mesh Mash is for

people that generally care and are aware

about the world around them.

Protea Tote By Pebble and Stone Textiles

Protea Tote By Pebble and Stone Textiles


This Protea design by Ellise Roberts was skilfully created as a hand cut stencil and Screen Printed by the Mesh Mash crew. Ellise is the lead Art Facilitator at Mesh Mash. The design has been printed in metallic copper non toxic ink on a calico Tote.

This bag is perfect for everyday use. 

Size: 37 X 43cm - 35cm Handle

Printed in non toxic water based ink on the best quality heavy weight cotton Tote bags. 

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